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What's the best way to cover up fake wood paneling? (Home Drywall .... Years ago when money was realy tight, I primered & painted over cheap photofinish paneling (small interior hallway), Next re-do was to cover it with the thinest wall board available, then tape and texturie it before primer & paint.... very labor intensive. Applying caulk may work depending on the texture you ...[ Chat Online +]

5 Wainscot & Wall Paneling Styles - Restoration & Design for the .... Dec 3, 2010 ... Before the age of gypsum and drywall, interior plaster walls were vulnerable to all sorts of potential damage. Hence the wainscot: a protective and decorative covering for the lower third (or so) of the wall. Early ones were always wood, but later innovations would introduce many alternatives. Wainscots have ...[ Chat Online +]

Wood Paneling: An Alternative to Drywall and Paint - The Spruce. Feb 17, 2017 ... The recent revival in wood wall paneling is an alternative to painted drywall treatments for residential walls.[ Chat Online +]

HouseSmarts "Alternative Wall Coverings" Episode 32 - YouTube. Feb 12, 2013 ... Alternative wall coverings are making waves throughout the design industry. We examine two of them this week: reclaimed lumber and concrete. You'll be blown ...[ Chat Online +]

6 Ways to make wood paneling actually look cool - SheKnows. Dec 2, 2014 ... When you live in an older home, you don't have to settle for an outdated style. The interior of this 1950s beach house was reinvented by replacing every surface except the wood paneling on the wall. A smart alternative to ripping it out was to paint it a color that coordinates with the new design elements of ...[ Chat Online +]

Paneled walls, a chic alternative in any room - Homedit. Dec 14, 2012 ... Paneled walls, for example, are a wonderful alternative for simple walls as they add texture as well as warmth to the room. View in gallery. You might think that your living room won't look modern enough if you use wood panels. The fact is wood is a very adaptable material and, on the contrary, it will make ...[ Chat Online +]

Alternative to 3D Wall Panels Create Sophisticated Spaces. Aug 4, 2016 ... Urban Evolutions creates customizable, wood carvings as an alternative to 3D wall panels using reclaimed wood and vector graphics.[ Chat Online +]

Paneling Alternatives | HomeSteady. Sep 26, 2017 ... Paneling became popular because it was more durable than wallpaper and paint. It also gave the home a new look and was easy to install. It is made of either real hardwood or synthetic wood and gives the impression of wood planks on the walls.[ Chat Online +]

4 Popular Wood Paneling Cover-Up Ideas (Secret Tips) - Decor Snob. May 11, 2016 ... If there is old paint on the surface of the wood panel, remove this layer with some paint stripper and a paint remover tool. ... Some alternate ideas are: ... Here are instructions if you decide to go this route: however, be sure to replace their step ...[ Chat Online +]

Smart Alternatives to Wood Paneling | Alternative, Cozy and Woods. Wood paneling has been trending in the design world lately. Here are two smart and economical solutions that are just as beautiful but won't break the bank.[ Chat Online +]

Here's One Alternative To Boring Drywall: Wood Wall Paneling .... The recent revival in wood wall paneling is an alternative to painted drywall treatments for residential walls.[ Chat Online +]

Ways to Dress Up Your Walls | HGTV. But they are a blank canvas for much more interesting design ideas achievable with paneling and trim. Wainscoting, or paneling that comes partway up the wall, is an easy way to add architecture to an otherwise unremarkable room. In a formal house, large flat panels of wood, either painted or stained, can be dressed up ...[ Chat Online +]

Alternatives to Drywall for Garage Walls | Home Guides | SF Gate. Wood sheathing, such as plywood or oriented strandboard (OSB), represents a simple yet economical finish option for garage walls. It can be fastened directly to the wall framing using screws, yet requires none of the taping and finishing associated with drywall. Wood panels work well for covering insulation, but you might ...[ Chat Online +]

6 Types of Wood Paneling to Consider for Your Interiors | bynum .... Oct 27, 2014 ... Reclaimed wood: Whether you utilize actual reclaimed wood or simply use new wood and make it look old, a wall of reclaimed wood paneling can add loads of texture to a space. The stain color or finish you select will have a lot of sway on the final look. Of course one of the best things about reclaimed ...[ Chat Online +]

Smart Alternatives to Wood Paneling | CozyStylishChic. Mar 24, 2014 ... I wrote about wood paneling not too long ago- one on the revival of wood paneled walls and the other on patchwork wood paneling, both of which are still popular and continue to get quite a number of page views. Today, I am covering the next thing in wood paneling smart alternatives to wood paneling.[ Chat Online +]

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