Eco Friendly Composite Decking Costs

TCO of Wood-Hued Decking--Composite Decking, UltraShield by .... May 18, 2017 ... Quality-made composite wood decking is manufactured to be eco-friendly and create a durable, natural look with a lower total cost of ownership than wood decks and look great doing it. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). When choosing construction materials for your new outdoor space, don't simply ...[ Chat Online +]

All About Composite Decking | This Old House. High recycled content: Every 10 square feet contains nearly 3,000 recycled plastic shopping bags and 1,100 one-gallon milk jugs. Cons High initial cost: Low-end composites are priced about 30 percent higher than pressure-treated pine. High-end composites run about the same as ipe (ee-PAY), a hardwood decking ...[ Chat Online +]

Sustainable Deck Materials | Homes | Green Living. In fact, given the availability of low-cost, low-maintenance, non-toxic and recyclable concrete, tile and natural stone, the greenest backyard deck may be the one ... Composite Wood. Composite wood decks have risen to prominence over the last decade or so. They are made from waste wood fibers and recycled plastics, ...[ Chat Online +]

3 Steps to Owning an Eco Friendly Deck - Salter Spiral Stair. While naturally rot-resistant wood may be expensive or hard to find, pressure treated lumber is easy to find and cost effective. It is treated to resist rot and insects that ... The fact that composite decking material is made up of other recycled materials makes it seemingly fit in eco friendly deck ideas. This economic product does ...[ Chat Online +]

Which is greener: cedar decking or a composite like ? | Green .... Aug 6, 2013 ... Composite decking was first introduced in the 90s by who developed the initial idea of a composite made from 95% recycled sawdust waste and used plastic bottles (HDPE) where the wood fibers act as reinforcement for the recycled plastic. They initially offered a very basic product in a few colors that ...[ Chat Online +]

Comparing Boardwalk Materials: Timber vs. Composite vs. Concrete. Jul 19, 2014 ... Related Article: Going Green: Finding Environmentally Friendly Boardwalk Materials. Concrete. Location. Concrete boardwalks are not a good fit for many small-scale projects, like backyard decking, a skinny walkway or a residential dock. A concrete boardwalk system won't be cost-effective in an area ...[ Chat Online +]

What makes composite decking a better long-term value? | Deck Talk. May 18, 2017 ... Eco-friendly composite decking is easier to maintain and longer-lasting than pressure-treated wood. When you are building a new deck, ... Cedar and redwood cost more than pressure-treated wood; exotics such as Ipe and hardwoods such as Ironwood are very expensive. Nonetheless, some consumers ...[ Chat Online +]

ON DECK: Sustainable Choices for Decks and Railings. Mar 12, 2015 ... There are myriad sustainable decking and railing options to consider, from classic wood to the scores of new composite decking materials. Many of these incorporate ... Cost Comparison Certain woods are more expensive than others, and composite decking ranges in price, as well. While some composite ...[ Chat Online +]

Deck: Wood or Plastic? | TreeHugger. Jul 27, 2009 ... Which one is more environmentally friendly? ... While composite decking may cost more upfront, the lower cost of maintenance puts it ahead in the long run. ... What makes it so environmentally friendly on the material-sourcing and manufacturing end also makes composite decking unsustainable on the ...[ Chat Online +]

Cost to Build a Composite Deck: Deck Pricing | . The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from $11 - $15 per square foot, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. ... That said, the average cost of a deck varies, which is why we built a tool to gather estimates tailored to your deck size, materials, railing options and ... For the Budget conscious.[ Chat Online +]

Recycled Plastic Decking | Synthetic & Plastic Wood Boards | . 's eco-friendly composite decks are made from a blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic--a great choice for your home & the environment. ... Created in part by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED is a point-based system designed to honor building projects that incorporate efficient, cost-effective and safe ...[ Chat Online +]

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