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Aalborg Zoo's restaurant Skovbakken

In 2009, MT Højgaard built a new restaurant for Aalborg Zoo in 2½ months. This type of construction normally takes six months.

Self-drying concrete

The project required that the construction shell dried faster than normally. So it was constructed from self-drying concrete of a type which is used for motorway bridges, where very strong concrete is required.

The unique cement likewise required uncommon arrangements when the dividers were thrown. For this situation, cement was utilized with around twice as much bond and sufficiently just water for what the blend itself required. It implied then again that the solid was extremely strong and hard to work with. Typically the solid keeps running down through the frame work itself and in under the window openings, yet not for this situation. MT Project limited accordingly developed a framework with channels which drove the solid through the openings and into place. After that both the channels and the solid inside were expelled, bringing about a flawless window opening.

The restaurant is on two floors, and the floor structures were made in steel and wood instead of concrete. This means there is less concrete that needs to dry, which also saves time.

Consideration for the animals and trees

During the work in Aalborg Zoo, it was a special challenge to ensure that the animals did not become unsettled because of noise from machines and equipment.

The zoo's preserved beech trees also needed special consideration, so a very tall crane that could operate above the treetops was used. In addition the trees along the approach road were protected to safeguard against collisions.