mt project ltd

Brørup Savings Bank

At the intersection of Vejlevej and Vestre Ringvej in Fredericia, stands Brørup Savings Bank's new branch office as a dynamic sculpture which signals that here is a bank that keeps pace with the times.

The bank is additionally keeping pace with the circumstances with regards to deduction as far as practical development. The external dividers are 43 cm thick and altogether protected, warmth is recycled and there is basically no warmth misfortune through the windows. This guarantees a low vitality utilization later on, which is uplifting news for both nature and the bank's running expenses for the building. The building's exterior is additionally practically indestructible and upkeep free.

Exceptional architecture

For MT Project limited, the main contractor for this project, the construction of the building in three staggered levels has been an exciting and challenging task. The building has a steel structure with light exterior walls and glass surfaces, while the core, the outer walls of the basement and deck are made of concrete.

The facades are clad in Corian, which moves across the building in a tetris-like pattern. Corian is best-known from kitchen worktops, but the material's properties and smooth appearance make it ideal for creating vibrant facades.

Although Brørup Savings Bank has existed since 1897, the bank keeps up with the latest trends – in technology, banking, and not least architecture.