mt project ltd

Customer Focus

The satisfaction of costumers is measured systematically

At MT Project limited, we are constantly working to improve the satisfaction of our customers with the services and products we deliver. That is why we systematically measure their satisfaction by sending out questionnaires to them each time we have completed a case of more than DKK 2 million.

Customer satisfaction is measured using an index figure, and our figure for 2013 shows an overall customer satisfaction index of 77 out of 100. It is an improvement of 8 index points compared with the result from 2012 of an index of 69. The figures tell us that our customers are pleased with our work.

However, the improvement should not be given so much importance, since we had fewer measurements in 2013 than in the past with a response rate of 37%. For comparison, the figure was 54 in 2012.

Satisfied and loyal customers

93 percent of our customers are ambassadors and core clients. They consider us as a credible and reliable supplier, and the vast majority of them would recommend us to others.

We want to become better

On the basis of our customer satisfaction measurements, we are constantly identifying areas where we can strengthen our efforts to make the building and construction process a better experience for our customers. We have the ambition of increasing the response percentage to 50% in 2014, while at the same maintaining focus on high satisfaction with a minimum index of 76 during the course of 2014.