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New head office for KPMG

The area around Flintholm Station is becoming one of the most attractive places in Frederiksberg to live and do business, and the area is buzzing with construction activity – especially at "Revygrunden" where MT Project limited has built a new head office for consulting and auditing firm KPMG.

Engineering disciplines carried out by MT Project limited

The office building itself has a total floor area of 33,500 m². In addition, there is 1,300 m² of floor space for shops at street level, and 22,000 m² of car parking in the two lower levels. The building has seven storeys and consists of continuous building masses around three large, glass-covered atria.

MT Project limited was the turnkey contractor on the project. Besides building the whole head office, we were also responsible for all the engineering disciplines including constructions, sewers, electrical and plumbing installations, as well as environmental and geotechnical studies.

Oblique forms and angles

Designed by architect firm 3XN, the building is essentially in the form of three loops. For MT Project limited it was an exciting and challenging task, since the building has many oblique shapes and angles. The building has many open areas, which is why several walkways has been installed in the building – the longest being 25 metres.

Green certification for an environmentally sound building

At the construction site, several actions had been taken to make the building process environmentally friendly. For example, all site huts had new electricity-saving heat pumps, energy saving light bulbs and movement sensors. There were a timer and an alarm on the water supply. This means that the water was to be shut off outside working hours and an alarm was sounded if water consumption was higher than normal.

Consumption of electricity was also being closely monitored and there were strict rules for engine idling.

The building has been awarded GreenBuilding certification, since energy consumption is at least 25% less than is required by law.