mt project ltd

Quality management

It is important both to you and us that we deliver consistent and uniform quality. We use our Integrated Management System in all phases of the project. We have a goal of "no defects and deficiencies and to deliver quality on time.” Quality management is in focus both in production and senior management. All our managers are trained internally on our project management course to ensure a uniform procedure and a high quality level.


MT Project limited has quality management system certification in accordance with the requirements in the international DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. The new quality standard places great demands on senior management, inter alia, leadership and management of risks and opportunities. In addition, we are committed to continually work on improvements and ensure that our quality is top notch.

Integrated Management System

The tools for quality management are placed in our internal Integrated Management System, which is available to all staff. This helps us ensure that we execute our projects in a consistent manner with the required quality management and adequate documentation to ensure our objective of no defects and deficiencies

Standard solutions

Over the years we have compiled a collection of standard solutions. They all originate from the technical design and know-how and experience that our staff have received over the years on our construction sites. We are dealing with proven methods, which help to ensure higher efficiency while improving the quality of your project. We use standard solutions where we believe it will be beneficial for your project.

Quality management of all projects

We prepare a project plan for every project. The project plan includes the description of our processes as well as an overview of the requirements for documentation and it applies both to staff and subcontractors. The Group QHSE & Management System department guides our construction team so the project follows the requirements we make in this area for our own staff, our subcontractors and suppliers. We carry out the same level of quality management on all construction projects.

Internal audits

We also hold continuous internal audits to ensure that our procedures and execution methods are being followed, and that we perform the required quality management and quality documentation.