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Residential Construction

Beddingen – youth residences on the waterfront in Aalborg

On the waterfront in Aalborg we are building 166 new youth residences, whose design is inspired by Aalborg's harbour environment.

Refurbishment of Egedalsvænge

The refurbishment, which focuses on sustainability and energy optimisation, will bring Egedalsvænge up to contemporary standards.


Frederikskaj – high quality apartment buildings

The apartment buildings at Frederikskaj in Copenhagen South Harbour consists of 152 modern, high quality apartments.


Multistorey buildings on Jagtvej in Nuuk

We have constructed two 12-storey buildings, each containing 60 apartments, on Jagtvej in Nuuk.



When the building work has finished at Aarhus Harbour, there will be striking buildings with unique residences.


Apartments in Promenadebyen

In Promenadebyen in Odense, India, we have constructed some of the city's most exclusive apartments, offering views over both water and green areas.