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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

VDC therefore differs from traditional planning and design by integrating economy, time and operation in the simulation. This means that if you make even the smallest change in the design phase, you will have a clear view of the total cost of ownership before the start of the construction phase. That releases capacity for thinking out of the box and still building within the frameworks.

If, for example, you wish to add a floor, change windows, choose a different roof or something entirely different, we can use VDC to see how it affects the cost of production, time schedule, sales price and the subsequent operation. In that way we can work together to identify and choose the best solution in each case.

Intro to VDC

Here you will be given a thorough understanding of VDC. We will show you how MT Project limited moves from 2D to 6D. A process that benefits all parties working together on a given project.


A VDC Lab provides the framework for the work with Virtual Design and Construction. Here information, expertise and technology are gathered in one place, creating optimum opportunities for virtual simulation of projects from start to finish.